Michele-01Michele is no stranger to business. Having over 20 years of business experience both in Australia and in the UK has given her an intimate understanding and knowledge of what businesses need to be successful. This knowledge, along with her enthusiasm for continual self-development, and high energy means that Michele can provide solid market proven methods of increasing business profitability and performance. As a respected business coach in the Western Australian community, Michele has written many articles for business publication and presented to many business owners, sharing her insight into what makes a successful business.

Michele’s clients benefit from her extensive sales and marketing experience. “Selling isn’t about price… It’s about relationships. Get that right and your business will flourish.”

Michele’s experience in developing customer focused sales and marketing campaigns, specifically designed to removed price competition, has demonstrated time and time again how keeping it simple will produce results.

“Growing a business is about building a great team” Recruiting the right team and creating a happy, productive team environment is one of Michele’s specialities. Having built, developed, and worked with a team of over 20 sales professionals, Michele knows the importance of strong leadership, creating a powerful set of values and having clear, common goals.

“The key to growing a successful business is having a team that are enthusiastic about building the business for you.”

Michele, as a business owner herself, has demonstrated strong leadership. Being faced with massive challenges that she chose to overcome, her inspirational story and her determination to continue to help her clients get results, has led to Michele receiving two international awards which recognised her excellence and courage in business coaching services.

Michele has amazing energy in all aspects of her life and believes that “having knowledge is great; however it’s the implementation of that knowledge that gets results. Too often business owners let themselves off the hook. They may go to workshops and learn heaps of stuff and then get back into busyness and not use any of it!” Michele helps her clients to make changes that become new habits that give them different and better results – to achieve their goals.

Michele-02Michele is passionate about what she does and believes in coaching – that’s why she has a coach/mentor. “Having a coach helps me to keep focused, provides accountability, and gets results”.

“There’s no time like the present, right NOW, to get started on turning your dreams into reality”.

“If you are ready to move your business to the next level, contact me today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, consultation. During which we will discuss your business challenges and I will demonstrate to you how I have helped hundreds of business owners, just like you, achieve results they didn’t believe possible and grow into stronger leaders along the way.

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